Oscar Giaccone is an extraordinary vinegar artisan. Wine vinegar "made in the old-fashioned way". Boast of our grandfathers.
Vinegar from Barolo wine
Red garnet colour with light ruby glares.
Persistent ethereal intense perfume which reminds of withered rose flowers, mountain hay and underwood.
Sour, delicate and fragrant taste.
Austere, very pleasant and inviting.
  aceto di barolo
    aceto di barolo
Vinegar from Barbera wine
Delicate and transparent garnet red colour.
Ethereal intense perfume which reminds of raspberry, sage and broom flowers.
Its taste is fresh, definitely sharp and very pleasant.
  aceto di barbera
Vinegar from Roero Arneis wine
Magnificent white colour with golden reflections turning to the amber.
Delicate and pungent perfume with very persistent honey and acacia flowers notes.
Delicate, full and inviting taste.
  aceto di roero arneis
Vinegar from Moscato wine
Light amber-coloured colour, with reflections of the ancient gold.
Aromatic bouquet which reminds of orange-blossom and sage flower perfume.
Very persistent and delicate taste of fresh fruit.
Its musk flavour of grapes is unmistakable.
  aceto di moscato
White wine vinegar Cesare Giaccone
Intense golden white colour. It is obtained from a selected mixture of white wines from Langhe.
Intense, delicate and ethereal perfume which reminds of mountain flowers.
Very persistent and pleasant fruity taste.
  aceto di vino bianco
Red wine vinegar Cesare Giaccone
Fine intense and bright ruby red colour. Obtained by the acetification of a selected mixture of red wines of our Langhe region.
Pungent and delicate tastes and perfumes.
Very vinous, its harmony is remarkable.
  aceto di vino rosso
Texts of Armando Cordero, senior oenologist from Langhe of Barolo

A thought to the engraver friend Gianni Gallo, the author of labels.